girl on crownHow could we make our village more self-sufficient?

There are plenty of things to celebrate in Wye: the historic buildings, the surrounding countryside, the strong sense of community, the thriving church, the farmers’ market, the large number of small businesses for such a small village…

But no community should ever seek to stand still and we are living at a time when there are huge pressures on all communities – whether caused by global problems like climate change, increasing population and resource depletion, or by more local concerns like the government’s drive for localism or the difficulty in finding rural employment.

So how can we build on what we’ve got here in Wye? How can we take advantage of the forthcoming Neighbourhood Plan to ensure that we establish an even stronger and more cohesive community?

On September 15th a small exhibition highlighted some innovative projects from the UK and around the world which have been successful in bringing communities together. The projects were personally selected by

one of Wye’s parish councillors (Jasper Bouverie) and a director of the Wye Community Farm (Jae Mather right)    as possibly being applicable to Wye.

The highlighted projects make up the initial postings on this blog. The intention is that we will try to drive some of these ideas forward in Wye – and will catalogue all fruitful endeavour on this site.

Highlighted projects:

Art: Paintjam, London

Care: the Ceres Project, Sebastopol, California

Community Power: St Margaret’s Bay, Kent

Community Power: Elham Village Hall, Kent

Education: Learning to Lead, Wells, Somerset

Food: Incredible Edible, Todmorden

Housing: Springhill Co-housing, Stroud, Gloucestershire

Leisure: Twyford Community Bathing Pool

Transport: Car sharing, USA and UK

Waste: Proper Job, Chagford, Devon

Water: Hampstead Norreys, Berkshire *

*Added after the exhibition

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