The Wye with Hinxhill Neighbourhood Plan is now in the hands of Ashford Council for examination and has its own page.

These documents were published during the community consultation phase:

Wye Neighbourhood Plan for consultation

Consultation response form (please see official responses)

Neighbourhood Plan Guide (distributed to householders)

Appendix A Wye Neighbourhood Plan glossary

Appendix B Projects and developer contributions

Appendix C Summary of Neighbourhood Development Plan Policies

Appendix D Village Design Statement Guidelines

Appendix E Planning Context information

Background Documents

BD1 Questionnaire 

BD2 Workshop output and community engagement

BD3 Environment and the AONBpdf

BD4 Transport and traffic appraisal (with additional appendices – BD4a Figure 2 BD4b Figure 3 pm traffic and c)

BD5 Employment and housing pdf

BD6 Local Housing Needs Survey

BD7 Rural economic assessment

BD7a Comments on REA

BD8 Village Design Statement

BD9 Strategic Environmental Assessment

BD10 Our Place

BD11 Consultation with landowners

BD12 Brownfield sites on WYE3

BD13 Site Policies for WYE1 and WYE2 pdf

BD14 Basic conditions statement 

BD15 Strategic Environmental Assessment Screening/HRA report

BD16 Consultation Statement 11-06-2

NP Audit Trail Envelope alteration to Wye NP 2 10 2015

Strategic Environmental Assessment scoping document for the Wye with hinxhill neighbourhood Plan

Comments received on the Scoping Document and appended papers

Earlier documents while plan was in formation

These draft masterplans from Mark Hanton have been displayed at Neighbourhood Plan workshops and exhibitions. I’m publishing them here so that they readily available to whoever wants to see them:

Wye 1 and Northern Boundary

Wye 2 and Southern boundary (2)

Wye 3i and Northwestern Boundary

Wye 3ii option 1 and Eastern Boundary

Wye 3ii option 2 and Eastern Boundary

Wye 13 and Eastern boundary

Sites either side of the river (1)

Clearly a huge amount of time and thought has gone into their preparation. Thank you Mark. (Do please scroll down on the pdfs to get the 3-D modelling.)

Mark has also sent me feedback from Workshop 4:

Wye Workshop 4 Feedback (1)

Wye Workshop 4b Feedback

And Andy MacFee requested his presentation to the public meeting on 20th May be put on the site:

Andy MacFee presentation 20 May

For up-to-date news on the Neighbourhood Plan please see the parish council website or Wyeweb.

Finally a quick reminder of the Imperial College masterplan for Wye3.

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