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Who to vote for…

Far be it from me to say who everyone should vote for in the election tomorrow – but at least Kent Online have posted short interviews with the candidates so you can see what the options are. For the interviews … Continue reading

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Coming Second is Fine

Why does Jeremy Corbyn look so relaxed? His supporters may be knocking on doors, kissing babies, saying hello to people to whom they wouldn’t usually give a second glance, but Jeremy Corbyn at times looks like he’s just been on … Continue reading

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Election Prediction Ashford

Since writing this piece I’ve discovered that Brendan Chilton and Debbie Enever aren’t standing in Ashford… for full list of candidates please click here. Despite the seeming foregone conclusion of the election result in Ashford, it’s nevertheless interesting to take … Continue reading

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New Voter in Ashford

Hands in the sink as usual. “Well son, I expect you’re excited about voting for the first time – your chance to tell the government what you think, to have a say in the running of the country?” Teen2 was … Continue reading

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Blue dolphin – queen of the Brexit Sea

Awwww… a dolphin! And I guess if you voted Tory in the County Council elections in Kent you’ll be thinking that it looks like a pretty healthy dolphin. Not too many blemishes. Just a patch of Green weed around the … Continue reading

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Ordinary person from Norwich ignored

I’ve never taken part in a focus group but I can imagine the experience would be quite fun. In my mind they start with cheery if slightly patronising bonhomie, followed by intense scrutiny of a particular product or colour or … Continue reading

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A power vacuum. We’ve said goodbye to Brussels. Westminster has dissolved into squabbling about the precise emissions from its own rear end. There seems no alternative. Wye with Hinxhill Parish Council will have to take control. In these difficult times, … Continue reading

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