This is my recollection of the parish council meeting last week:

  • The new parish clerk, Vinny McLean, was officially welcomed to the Council. She is going to be working from the new parish council office on Bramble Lane (Briar Close). The council passed a vote of thanks to the Baptist Church in Brook for accommodating the office for the past 4 years.
  • Councillor Shoults reported that the meeting with Telereal Trillium and Ashford Borough Council which had been set for March 24 had been postponed due to illness. It is likely to take place towards the end of April.
  • Councillor Ovenden has been discussing the date of the referendum on the Wye Neighbourhood Plan with Ashford Borough Council. It is still unclear as to when this will be. The parish council feel that it would be good if it could happen as soon as possible while the Neighbourhood Plan process and consultation is still fresh in people’s minds.
  • John Mansfield has obtained details from the Land Registry which seem to suggest that Telereal Trillium paid £11.15 million for the WYE3 site. However, the documentation is unclear whether this was for ‘everything’ so we are endeavouring to obtain clarification.
  • A parishioner has complained to the parish council about the closure of the footpath alongside the Old Vicarage on the Green. This has been a ‘permissive path’ and I told the council that it was my understanding that the path had been closed in order that the new owners can restore the garden to the rear of the house. It was agreed that the council should contact Kent County Council footpaths department to obtain an explanation as to the rights and wrongs of the situation.
  • There was discussion about the plaque for the Centenary Green and about a tree for the Recreation Ground. Both matters are in hand.
  • The community warden reported that there have been several incidences of petty crime: theft of a motor vehicle, theft of solar lights, and the ADAS site has been broken into and vandalised. In addition there have been issues with teenagers using the communal areas of Martin House, sometimes in the middle of the night.
  • The first subsidised community lunch, organised by Our Place, was held at the Corner Cafe. 7 people attended.
  • A gas-fired beacon is to be lit on the Crown on April 21 as part of  the Queen’s 90th-birthday celebrations.

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I am Jasper Bouverie. I have two blogs: which is about promoting sustainability in the village of Wye in Kent (and beyond); and which I will fill with short films dedicated to promoting social and environmental awareness and change. Find me on Twitter: funderfilms and finelinej
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