I did not attend the parish council meeting on January 7. The following is therefore a summary of the draft minutes:

  • The examiner’s response to the Neighbourhood Plan was anticipated (it has subsequently been delivered: Wye Examination Report And Councillor Shoults has written a summary: 160112NP Council report on examination  )
  • The council discussed the Telereal Trillium properties on Upper Bridge Street (Wolfson House) and the High Street (Wolfson lecture theatre and the listed properties adjacent and the carpark). This is taken from the draft minutes:
    Councillors discussed a range of issues with the proposed plans including
    a serious lack of parking,
    lack of storage and outside space for waste/recycling bins and bicycles and amenity
    the height of the Upper Bridge Street properties when compared to adjacent properties
    the small size of some rooms.
    This largely arises from trying to put too many properties on the site at too high a density.
    The Chairman agreed to send a more detailed report to TT and Hobbs Parker, including the items discussed and those set out in his report.
  • The possible development of the DEFRA site through “permitted development” was discussed at length. In particular councillors noted that the buildings were no longer structurally safe, the distance of the site outside the walkable settlement and the likelihood of light pollution from the area being visible from the Crown. The Chair is to write to Ashford Borough Council (and others) on the issue.
  • The Ashford branch of the Kent Association of Local Councils (KALC) is to write a response to Ashford Borough Council’s draft local plan. Ashford KALC should be made aware of our draft Neighbourhood Plan so that their response takes our issues into account.
  • Councillors noted the comment deadline of 8th January for 157,616 square metre storage and distribution shed at Highfield Lane, Sevington. Councillors authorised a response.
  • Consultation on junction 10A was due to start in mid-January for two months. Councillors Ovenden and Dodd were delegated to consider implications for Wye.
  • A public meeting about the proposed lorry park adjacent to junction 11 on the M20 is to be held at Westenhanger Castle on January 22nd. Damian Collins MP will be attending.
  • A resident has written requesting a reduction in speed limit on Harville Road. The council agreed to support her argument and will write to KCC Highways.
  • James Ingleton, Kent Fire and Rescue Services, reported that the Wye fire station is down to four volunteer firefighters. He is hoping to recruit others. He also reported that they now attend some medical emergencies in addition to fighting fires.
  • It was agreed to install the defibrillator at the fire station rather than at the public WCs as had been previously agreed.
  • The community warden Richard Sinden reported on continuing thefts of fuel and of tools from outbuildings on Scotton Street.
  • He also said that he’d be talking to food outlets in Wye about the possibility of providing a low cost meal to older residents once a week.
  • Councillor Bartley reported that the Millennium Stone at the Crown had been irreparably broken. Councillor Shoults was going to write to Imperial College (the landowner) to find out if there were funds for its replacement. (Subsequent to the meeting a reply has been received saying that Imperial believe that responsibility lies with the parish council and that a fund was set up to cater for this.)
  • Lucy Gillespie-Tomasevic has resigned from the council.

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