This is my recollection of the main points of last week’s parish council meeting:

  • Councillors Shoults, McKay, Gillespie-Tomasevic, Bartley and Bouverie were present. Councillors Reece, Ovenden and Gillespie sent apologies. The borough councillor (Noel Ovenden) was unable to attend because his company was involved in providing support for Operation Stack. The community warden also reported that he was going to be handing out drinks and sandwiches to lorry drivers the following day.
  • Much of the meeting was spent discussion applications from the Free School for extended use of temporary accommodation (the Kempe Centre) to 2018, and the planning request to site temporary classrooms in the Kempe Centre carpark. A large delegation from the Free School was present to answer concerns raised that the school will be 450 pupils strong by 2018 and seemingly too large for anything temporary. In the short term, however, without a decision on a permanent home from Imperial College, it would appear that the school and the village has no alternative to an extension. So it was agreed to support the applications with provisos regarding the look of the buildings, sufficient parking, and sufficient outdoor play space for the children.
  • However it was also decided to refer the matter to Ashford Borough Council’s planning committee to draw public attention to the fact that a thriving school was being forced to occupy temporary accommodation because Imperial College was undecided as to what to do with its considerable landholding in Wye which is empty and deteriorating. The Free School delegation were optimistic that they would be receiving news imminently regarding their permanent home.
  • A decision was made to resubmit the planning application to enlarge the burial ground in order to encompass a larger area, and therefore adopt a more long-term approach. A habitat survey of the area will have to be carried out. There will also need to be an assessment of the current use of the allotments (where the burial ground land is to be taken from.) A meeting has been set up with the PCC to discuss the matter.
  • Councillor Bartley reported on a successful meeting of the Our Place project on June 18 – as previously reported here. He said that he had recently been to the House of Commons to a meeting of Cooperatives UK to inform on our plans for a social care co-op which would be the first in the country. Councillor McKay pointed out that there was now considerable interest from the wider community in what was happening in Wye and that we needed to focus attention on establishing sufficient capacity to deliver.
  • Two Kent County Council officers, employed under a central government scheme called Delivering Things Differently in Neighbourhoods, are due to start imminently and will be focusing their attention on Wye and Newington (outskirts of Ramsgate). The name of the person who is principally involved with Wye is Emily Jones.
  • The Chair reported that the Neighbourhood Plan has been put out for consultation by Ashford Borough Council. He also said that he was monitoring the appointment of an examiner, and would make sure a good one was selected.
  • The Chair brought up the matter of the village awards for 2014-15 which had not been awarded in May this year due to the election. It was decided that we should discuss possible recipients by email with a view to making the awards sometime in the summer. Feel free to send me any ideas.
  • There was discussion about the lease on the new parish council offices in Briar Close (Bramble Lane business units). It was agreed that the office should be moved there as soon as possible.
  • The community warden (Richard Sinden) reported on two thefts in the village: of a lawnmower and some cash from an elderly resident.
  • Richard Sinden also reported on progress in his new role as community connector. He said that a decision had been made to hold a “three cs” (coffee, cake and chat) meeting in Luckley House on the last Friday of every month. The meeting will be open to everyone in the community over-60 and there will be a guest speaker. The first meeting at the end of July will be addressed by someone from KCC libraries.
  • Councillor Bouverie provided information on a public inquiry regarding the new Chilham to Godmersham cycle path which is to take place in Chilham between November 24-27. Anyone wanting to address the inquiry has to send representation in advance and attend on the first day. More details: Inquiry letter to obj or supp  and Publicinquiryordernotice. Background on this can be seen here.
  • Councillor Bouverie also reported that the people running the Friday night youth club are looking for volunteers to help run it. The club now has 150 children on its books.
  • It was decided to hold the next parish council meeting on July 30 rather than August 6. This was to accommodate the holiday arrangements of the Chair and to keep August free of parish council business.
  • Not mentioned at the meeting but please take note of the forthcoming Open Day at the Village Hall on July 18 when designs for the new Wye Centre can be reviewed between trips to the climbing wall and the bungee run…

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I am Jasper Bouverie. I have two blogs: which is about promoting sustainability in the village of Wye in Kent (and beyond); and which I will fill with short films dedicated to promoting social and environmental awareness and change. Find me on Twitter: funderfilms and finelinej
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2 Responses to PARISH HEADLINES 35

  1. says:

    Suggestions for awards: John & Joan Morris who after fourteen years of running the hospital car service on a voluntary basis retired and left this precious asset to our village in the hands another. No recognition to my knowledge was given. John will be 80 this year. Wye & Brook Car Service (Wyeweb)

    Graham Hymers of Abbots Walk. Graham does many unsung good deeds for those living around him. Caring, shopping and dog walking. He willingly helps with the Wye Jubilee Community Group’s Summer Fairs and expertly repaired their marquee for them which had been damaged. Graham keeps and eye on the WWI memorial having been asked to. Thanks to Graham and his influence the memorial has remained in good condition.

    Martin Mackey who once having cleared permission with the Farmers Market puts up and takes down the FM tents for Community events. Confidentially, I happen to know that Martin pays his employees to put them up under his supervision and tells them that they can take them down as a contribution to their community. A system that has worked for seventeen years that I know of.
    Where would our events be without Martin?

    Cecil Gasson for his dedication to the care of our village especially in the winter.
    It is a paid job I know. However he sticks with it and is committed.

    Errol Roberts who for over ten years has run wyeweb . Controversial at times but democratic.
    Errol has provided a notice board for all groups of the village to promote their events.
    Even those who have criticised Wyeweb see fit to use this facility.
    Errol has provided a platform for all (including the Parish Council) to spread their word to the wider community. For many years he financed this himself.

    There you are Jasper, a few suggestions for you. Hope this helps.

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