This is my recollection of the main points of last week’s parish council meeting:

  • Councillor Shoults reported that the Neghbourhood Plan had been published for consultation. Patchworkers will be routing all comments to Jim Boot who will be collating responses and recommending changes.
  • Councillor Shoults also reported on meetings with Imperial College, the Heritage Lottery Fund, and English Heritage regarding the Grade 1 listed buildings. There had been little progress. Similarly he has written to Damian Green and reported that Mr Green appeared to be “sitting on the fence” on the issue.
  • Councillor Bartley reported on Our Place: Wye. In particular he reported that the village was likely to be a pathfinder in Kent for village agents. It is likely that a village agent will be appointed in the next few weeks.
  • The final operational plan for Our Place has to be delivered on February 20 so the matter will be discussed by a resources committee meeting on February 19. Dave Martin pointed out that the operational plan could be changed even after it had been submitted.
  • Dave Martin asked Councillor Bartley about the drawdown of funds from Locality. Councillor Bartley assured the PC that he had the matter in hand.
  • Borough Councillor Noel Ovenden reported that the Naccolt planning application had been passed unanimously by the Ashford Borough Council planning committee. The only stipulation was that, given that the area was off mains drainage, there should be a communal cesspit rather than one per dwelling. This is to limit the number of trips by tankers along the Naccolt Road.
  • Councillor Ovenden also reported on progress regarding yellow-lining in the village. There was a chance that this would be set in train in the near future without going to the Joint Transportation Board. Nevertheless there would still be a six week public consultation.
  • It was noted that Leppers ironmongery has applied for planning permission to convert the shop premises to residential. The council agreed that Councillor Ovenden should take this matter to planning committee.
  • Councillor Donovan reported on telephone calls with Southern Water about the drainage overflow at the bottom of Bridge Street. He reported that raw sewage frequently comes out of the manhole here. Southern Water have requested that people report the matter whenever it occurs in future: 08452780845. Councillor Shoults said he will write to Southern Water.
  • The community warden Richard Sinden reported that he’d received defibrillator training. There was discussion about where to site a defibrillator in the village. It was felt a location close to the Church street/ High street would be ideal.

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I am Jasper Bouverie. I have two blogs: which is about promoting sustainability in the village of Wye in Kent (and beyond); and which I will fill with short films dedicated to promoting social and environmental awareness and change. Find me on Twitter: funderfilms and finelinej
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