Trevor Bishop of Dover blessing the new plaque at Wye Church on Remembrance Sunday.

The following is my recollection of the main points of last week’s parish council meeting:

      • Councillor Shoults reported on the progress of the Neighbourhood Plan. The following is taken from his report to Council:

a. We keep the briefing of the Patchworkers at December 6 (this has taken place)
b. The submission of the Plan to ABC is deferred until after the PC meeting on 8 January
c. The Regulation 14 Consultation period will be from January 12th – February 23.
d. The formal submission to ABC will be made after the PC meeting on March 5
e. ABC probably cannot go out to their consultation until after the Purdah period around the election on May 7…
f. The results of ABC’s consultation probably in June and July form the basis of the Examination.
g. This should still leave the referendum taking place in the late Autumn of 2015 as before, but of course this all depends on how the Examination is handled and the results of it.

      • Councillor Shoults also reported on continuing dialogue (or lack of it) with Imperial College as follows (based on agreements previously reached at a meeting with Imperial. Updates in italics.):

a. To fix an early meeting with the Education Funding Agency to establish whether the school was a certain project and could proceed. No progress but discussions are continuing on the extension of the lease on the Kempe centre
b. To review the provisions and policy relating to section 106 on new development in Wye and in the context of the Neighbourhood Plan and ABC’s current practice, and the impending introduction of CIL. Imperial would wish to employ a consultant to advise them. ABC are giving advice on this.
c. Imperial would consider the phasing of housing in their submitted MasterPlan. No further information
d. Imperial would join with the Parish Council in meeting the Heritage Lottery Fund to establish the likelihood of the use of the Grade 1 for Community Use to see if it was a feasible or viable project, on the basis of a Trust receiving the building free of debt and at no cost. This would be in the context of an HLF Enterprise grant. This meeting is fixed for January 23 at Wye College. English Heritage are also attending
e. Imperial would straightaway take steps to prepare plans for works on properties outside WYE3 (principally Wolfson House and the High Street properties) and consult the PC at every stage. No information.

      • (Subsequent to the meeting, Imperial College have submitted an application for screening at Ashford Borough Council: Proposed mixed use scheme comprising – up to 200 residential units employment uses, comprising a business hub, small business/artisans units and agri-businesses an allocation of space for Community uses public green space/woodlands/allotments and play areas internal roads, parking and service areas supporting infrastructure. Full application visible here (case number 14/00019/EIA/AS). The following notes are from the application:

This is an application asking the council whether or not any future planning application needs to include an Environmental Impact Assessment when/if it is submitted or the scope of any future assessment. It is not a planning application and we will not be considering the planning merits of the proposal. The decision of the council is limited by the requirements of the EIA Regulations. The parish council and local residents are not consulted on EIA applications but will be if a planning application is made in the future.

  • The PC continued to discuss housing numbers on WYE3.
  • David Reece from the Wye Village Hall and Recreation Ground charity made a presentation about upgrading the village halls. He said that a working group has identified two projects: to demolish and replace the sports pavilion with a slightly larger hall space (possibly for brownies and cubs and beavers – young people); and the upgrade of the large hall to make it more attractive, flexible and cheaper to run. Plans will be worked on in the Spring with full village consultation. Funding will be applied for once projects have been properly costed.
  • Councillor Bartley reported on various procedural matters related to Our Place. The project continues to attract much interest from Kent County Council.
  • The community warden reported that there had been 3 or 4 garages broken into. However there has been a drop in anti-social behaviour compared with the same three months last year. He speculates that this might be due to the opening of the Multi Use Games Area. The village caretaker has suffered verbal abuse. The council agreed that this was a serious issue and would take the matter up with the individuals concerned.
  • Stuart Tickle has been disqualified from being a councillor, having missed six consecutive meetings.
  • The village clerk was absent due to illness.


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