The following is my recollection of proceedings at the parish council meeting on Monday night:

  • Councillor Shoults reported that Imperial College have submitted their Masterplan for WYE3 to Ashford. He asked for council agreement that he should write to Ashford to ask how the Masterplan was going to be dealt with and how the village was going to be consulted in the context of the Local Plan and the Core Strategy Review. Councillor Macfee is to look at the design and the specific Masterplan proposals.
  • The village’s ideas for WYE3 will be circulated by newsletter in September – after we have heard from Ashford about how they intend to deal with the Masterplan.
  • Councillor Shoults reported that the Neighbourhood Plan Group has asked consultant Jim Boot to write parts of the Neighbourhood Plan. While the village will have to pay for this, Councillor Shoults said that the Neighbourhood Plan Group cannot see any other way to complete the task.
  • The borough councillor says that Ashford have yet to receive any planning application from Promis – the company which may shortly occupy Withersdane. The buildings which the company want to occupy are under covenant and he would therefore expect the matter to be brought before planning.
  • Concern was expressed about the eventual size of the facility as the owner Mr Lefever had said at one point that it could accommodate about 150 patients (and, if he was to keep his current staffing ratio), three times as many staff. However Councillor Bouverie reported that Mr Lefever had since said that it was unlikely to reach this sort of scale. Nevertheless councillors did express concern about the increase in traffic on Scotton Street.
  • The borough council reported that central governments had intervened on the issue of Junction 10A on the M20, and that this was now likely to be a full junction (allowing traffic on and off the motorway in both directions). The parish council decided to write to planning to express concern about how this would impact on Bockham Lane (and traffic in Wye).
  • The borough councillor also presented the financial statement for 2013-14. There were some questions regarding balancing of the books but Noel explained that discrepancies were likely due to uncleared cheques on March 31 2014. Given that clarification, the council approved the statement, noted that the council was in good financial health and well prepared to take on extra financial commitments next year (maintenance of the village green, the MUGA, the village hall playing fields, the public loos, and a possible parish office), and thanked Noel for his work on the matter.
  • The council decided to write to Ashford Council requesting that WYE1 and WYE2 should be dealt with in the same planning committee meeting. This might be in August.
  • Councillor Mansfield reported that Network Rail have said that new signalling will allow for automatic barriers at the level crossing by 2019. There are also likely to be more trains. (But they did not say how many more.)
  • The borough councillor reported that Wye is next on the list for double yellow lines. A final survey will take place at the beginning of the second week in July which he will attend.
  • Concern was expressed that teenagers have already started using the Multi Use Games Area. A request will be sent to the contractors for clear signs saying that it shouldn’t be used until the end of July (?) Thanks were expressed to those who sowed the grass on the spoil at the edge of the village hall playing fields.
  • The parish council has received maps showing the definitive public rights of way. These maps were published in 2013 and replace the 1987 version. We are not aware of any changes in the parish. They are to be kept in the parish office. Those interested, please contact the clerk.
  • There is some confusion about road names in Naccolt. Kent County Council are seeking to establish exactly what the roads should be called.
  • A grant was approved of £200 to Funder Films to help make a film about the pilots who flew from Wye Aerodrome during World War 1. As Funder Films is my company (a community interest company incidentally), I absented myself from the discussion. But am of course very grateful to my fellow councillors and the community for the support! I will be publishing details shortly.


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I am Jasper Bouverie. I have two blogs: which is about promoting sustainability in the village of Wye in Kent (and beyond); and which I will fill with short films dedicated to promoting social and environmental awareness and change. Find me on Twitter: funderfilms and finelinej
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