These are my recollections of the parish council meeting last week:

  • Prior to the Council meeting, Bacchus partners made a presentation of their initial idea for the derelict brick works in Naccolt. Currently they envisage six units in total: a central house with five units built in a stables/ courtyard style scheme. They are carrying out extensive consultation with Naccolt residents. They report that the site is remarkably clean considering its history.
  • Councillor Shoults reported on a meeting with Imperial College on February 21 in which Imperial stated that they had fulfilled most of the requirements prior to publication of their Masterplan for Wye3. The PC have made objections based on housing numbers (up to 200) and plans and designs. Further discussion based around traffic assessment will take place in April.
  • In all likelihood the Free School will occupy the Edwardian college buildings from 2016. Final terms are currently being negotiated.
  • The NP group have been negotiating with ABC about how the Neighbourhood Plan will influence the response to the Wye3 Masterplan and the emerging ABC Core Strategy. Currently the hope is to bring the Neighbourhood Plan to referendum prior to the May 2015 general election.
  • A meeting took place on March 3 between the NP Group and Imperial College looking at the possibility of a village trust to fund maintenance of the Grade 1 college buildings (and possibly the Edwardian buildings which will accommodate the free school). Imperial have shown interest in the idea of the Grade 1 buildings being used for community use – but the matter still needs considerable work to see if it is feasible.
  • The Neighbourhood Planning Group met in an emergency meeting on March 7 to discuss the planning application for 25 houses on Wye2. The council has requested a planning extension from ABC – so that traffic assessment and public feeling can be properly assessed. A public meeting about Wye2 will take place in April.
  • Our new borough councillor Noel Ovenden reported that his first act as councillor was to sign off two grant applications: £1000 for the cub group and £600 for an asbestos register for the village hall. Both will come out of the £2400 that remained from the previous member’s grant fund. (Contrary to previous information that this money was not going to be able to be used. It seems that we will only lose out on £800.)
  • Councillor Ovenden also reported that he had attended a meeting of the Joint Transportation Board, and had pushed for yellow lining to be carried out in Wye – aided by County Councillor Andrew Wickham. The scheme is now fourth on the list. Officers will carry out renewed inspection of the area when Wye makes it to the top of the list. (Schemes are not necessarily carried out in order.)
  • Residents will be aware that the precept has been increased by an average of about £2 per household per year. Correspondence explaining this increase is currently being drafted and will be distributed throughout the parish.
  • The occupational license enabling the parish council to manage land connected to the Village Hall and Recreation Ground charity is still being negotiated. Despite this, work on the Multi Use Games Area should commence on time in April.
  • Richard Sinden, the community warden, reported minimal crime in the past month – just a theft from outbuildings on Olantigh Road.
  • The parish council is having to pay for the disposal of 30 or 40 tyres which have been left on the allotments by previous tenants. The tyres cost £1.50 each to dispose of.

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I am Jasper Bouverie. I have two blogs: which is about promoting sustainability in the village of Wye in Kent (and beyond); and which I will fill with short films dedicated to promoting social and environmental awareness and change. Find me on Twitter: funderfilms and finelinej
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