Wye Crown: flooded

Wye Crown: flooded

The following is my recollection of the main points of the parish council meeting on Thursday night:

  • There was a meeting in early February involving the Free School, United Learning, the Department for Education, Wye Parish Council, Ashford Borough Council and Imperial College. All parties were in agreement that the Free School should move into the College’s Edwardian buildings and adjacent buildings along Olantigh Road in September 2016. Agreement only needs to be secured from the Imperial College Endowment Board.
  • A response to the Imperial College masterplan has been circulated to councillors. It will be put on the parish council website shortly. The next meeting with Imperial College is on February 21.
  • A major point of contention concerns the traffic statistics that Imperial have used in their survey. Councillor Mansfield reported to the meeting that the college at Plumpton in Sussex* provides a much better model than the estimates that Imperial College have come up with.
  • The occupational licence handing responsibility for the upkeep of the village hall playing fields from the Village Hall and Recreation Ground Charity to the parish council was discussed but not resolved. A working group consisting of two members from each party is to settle outstanding issues.
  • The occupational license needs to be resolved before construction begins on the Multi Use Games Area on the Village Hall Playing Field. Work on this must begin by April 2014 for the project to fulfil the terms of the Sport England grant.
  • Concern has been expressed about building standards on the Havillands Estate. There have been numerous cases of items not being built to specification. The meadow hasn’t been completed and the road is not of a standard suitable for adoption. With the last home now on the market, there is concern that the developer will leave and these things will never be sorted. The parish council is going to take up the issue with building control officers at ABC.
  • Following Steve Wright’s resignation, ABC have informed us that the unspent portion of his member’s grant (£2,400) will not now be available to the village.
  • Wye’s new PCSO Lisa Endell attended the meeting. There have not been any major incidents in the village over the past month – though a very nice lawn mower has been found abandoned (presumably by thieves). Please contact the community warden Richard Sinden if you wish to claim it.
  • There have been some issues with the recycling collection in Jarman’s Field, mainly because of non-delivery of food bins. ABC are aware and the issues are being sorted.
  • The parish council approved a grant of £500 for a memorial plaque to the airmen who died flying from Wye Aerodrome during World War 1.

* Plumpton is more similar to Wye than you could possibly imagine. Please click here to see their level crossing campaign.

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