HOUSING – addendum

This morning parish councillors met with Richard Alderton and Simon Cole at Ashford Borough Council to discuss a document that has been submitted to the borough council by Imperial College concerning the future of Wye3.

While parish councillors were not able to view the document (which is not yet “a plan”), we understood that there had been very little change in the Imperial College position. The idea is still that the Free School would use the Edwardian College Buildings; the Community would take on the Grade 1 listed buildings; and the ADAS site would be demolished. The only small change was that instead of mention of 300 dwellings, 250 are being suggested (spread throughout Wye 3).

While there appeared little to discuss regarding Imperial’s document, parish councillors took the opportunity to talk about the emerging Neighbourhood Plan with Ashford’s officers. Richard Alderton and Simon Cole both pointed out that all plans for the village (not just Wye 3) must be evidence-based. To this end, there was agreement that the size of the primary school and the traffic situation in Wye were key in establishing development potential.

The Neighbourhood Plan Group has already acquired figures on the future intake for the primary school and is in the process of commissioning its own traffic survey.

While writing I thought I’d share a view of the Downs that I took with my mobile phone earlier today which to me sums up the sensitivity of the Wye 3 site.


I was impressed by the view because you’d hardly know that the village was there – only the church tower and the Kempe Centre are visible among the woods and the green.

Any development of Wye 3 is likely to change that. And 250 dwellings is out of the question!

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