mobile phone Nov 2012 013This blog is supposed to be all about my efforts to promote sustainability in a small community.

To that end, I began the blog by publishing a number of pages highlighting projects that have taken place in other communities around the world. Maybe, I suggested, something similar could happen here in Wye?

I’m very glad that I didn’t suggest a timescale because, as regular readers will know, I have been fairly distracted during the past year. As with every small community, there are complications, competing interest groups, other opinions, different priorities, and a whole range of things to make it difficult to make progress on anything at all.

One thing about this village is that there are a lot of clubs and societies – many of them acting in the same sort of areas but not necessarily communicating or agreeing with each other. Councillor Richard Bartley has kindly sent me a list (which I have added to and amended slightly) which I am publishing here *.

Clearly there is a need for anyone ‘trying to get something done’ to correspond with groups in the appropriate area. I would suggest that time constraints (and lack of knowledge about the groups?) means that this is often not done – and the result is that people feel that they haven’t been consulted and can be upset as a result.

In trying to achieve my own sustainability objectives, I realise that the most effective channels are through existing groups. This can make for slow progress. After 9 years in the village I am only now getting to grips with its complexity. (Maybe we could have a few mergers and acquisitions in the societies and clubs?)

A year on from the exhibition, I think it’s a good time for me to take stock. So this post is to announce that I’m about to review progress in a number of different subject areas – based on the initial Wye’s Futures posts put together by Wye Community Farm director, Jae Mather and myself this time last year.

I’ll try to publish fairly quickly – so I don’t get distracted.

* I am initially publishing the list without contact details and phone numbers. Once I have permission from the individuals concerned, their names and contacts will be added.

About jasperbouverie

I am Jasper Bouverie. I have two blogs: which is about promoting sustainability in the village of Wye in Kent (and beyond); and which I will fill with short films dedicated to promoting social and environmental awareness and change. Find me on Twitter: funderfilms and finelinej
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