ccelectionresultsCongratulations to Andrew Wickham who has just been re-elected as the county councillor for Ashford Rural East. (For more details click on the map to the left.)

For those who don’t know Andrew, you can find out more about him here – including his attendance record, declarations of interest and biography.

I believe he will also be attending the annual parish meeting on Monday May 13 which will be held in the Wolfson Hall – so you could quiz him face to face.

Possibly we might ask him what he feels about sitting down with 17 UKIP councillors when the council reconvenes? And a green! (I’m pleased about that.)

I wonder if he still supports the Free School? How about Wyecycle? And the level-crossing? And will he give us more of his money for transport infrastructure improvements? And why’s Ashford Rural East such a funny shape? And what’s so rural about Kennington?

Good grief! It could be a long night.

(In case you were wondering, I managed to miss the election. Only remembered it when I turned on the news at 10 pm to find that polls had closed. Such was my excitement about the vote!)

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I am Jasper Bouverie. I have two blogs: jasperbouverie.com which is about promoting sustainability in the village of Wye in Kent (and beyond); and FunderFilms.com which I will fill with short films dedicated to promoting social and environmental awareness and change. Find me on Twitter: funderfilms and finelinej
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  1. Thanks for all the information Jasper, especially the location of the Annual Parish Meeting 13th May. Despite being directed by the Chairman of the Parish Council to only look at the PC website for information ‘rather than elsewhere’. Upon looking at the PC website today it tells us to come back to find out the location. We can’t spend our life keep checking the PC website in case the information we are looking for might be up there.
    A little bird told me the PC are planning a public meeting on the 20th May. Will the posters go up two days before the meeting as per usual? Will it be announced on the PC website?
    I must say you did an excellent job of publicising your youth event. Posters up everywhere with plenty of lead time. Result…. a successful event. Maybe you could suggest, perhaps, maybe….. suggest to the Chairman they follow your example. They may get a full house in the public meeting. But then …. do you want to get black listed in the Parish Magazine?

    • Hi Ann,
      Yes. Have just confirmed that the Annual Parish Meeting is at the Wolfson Hall. And yes, there is to be a public meeting on 20th May in the Church (7 pm for 7.30). I will raise your concerns about publicity (and mud-slinging) at the Parish Council meeting on Thursday.


  2. Thank you Jasper. Will the Public meeting be advertised in the Kentish Express? Currently there is not a date on the PC website for people to put in their diary. If you know the date, then why don’t others? I do hope there will be a real effort to publicise it from the roof tops. Some think that the PC don’t want it banded about too much. Dare I suggest….. it could be posted on wyeweb… after all the previous clerk found us most helpful in advertising PC meetings. In fact although there are those who are in denial of wyeweb, if your were to look at historical pages, the help we gave to the PC is all there. Road closures, Rail works, drain problems etc etc etc I know, because I posted it all myself!
    There is one who influences the PC to be biased about Wyeweb. (non elected)
    It’s time the PC made up it’s own mind. When have we ever NOT published someone’s point of view? Ask John Mansfiled, we have published everything he has ever sent us regardless of our personal views!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Jasper.
    PS from experience, for an event to be successful it needs two weeks publicity.

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