Last week I wrote that I was hoping to put the parish headlines on the PC website.

But I’ve now found out that this might not be possible until the minutes have been approved – which may take some time.

So I’ve decided to put them on my blog – with the proviso (as ever) that this is my own opinion (and recollection) and not the official record of the council:

  • the position on the Neighbourhood Plan was noted. Imperial College’s are due to publish their masterplan for the Wye3 site on April 26/27.
  • the position of the Free School was also noted. Imperial College have suggested a three year lease on the Kempe Centre but have insisted that it must end after three years – without any guarantee that the Edwardian buildings could be used after that. The parish council, in common with ABC and United Learning, would like the school to go straight into the Edwardian buildings when it opens. There is therefore no agreement on this issue as yet – though things may become clearer after the publication of the Imperial masterplan.
  • the parish council decided to drop its recommendation that the school should be delayed a year to open in 2014. Members of the council voiced some discontent that United Learning had announced that the school should open in 2013 or not at all – especially as no travel plan has been published. However, the feeling was that we might regret missing this opportunity: especially as the school does represent a good use for the Edwardian college buildings and that plans for the intake in September 2013 are already well underway. The council continues to recommend that the school use the Edwardian buildings and will not support it on any other site in Wye.
  • the parish council supported in principle the idea that the Grade 1 buildings could be used for community use. (This is to enable the council to apply for grants so feasibility can be more properly assessed.)
  • the public conveniences were transferred over to ‘Wye control’ on April 1 as planned.
  • there was a discussion on further double yellow lines on pinch-points in the village. There was agreement that we should hold an informal council meeting specifically on traffic and parking on April 29.
  • the parish council gave its provisional support to the concept of a cycle path between Wye and Ashford – pending detailed plans.
  • the parish council agreed that it could not provide financial support to Wyecycle. It was agreed however that a meeting with Biffa Waste should take place as soon as possible, both to discuss the details of the new contract and also to ascertain whether there is scope for any form of community recycling in the future.
  • it was agreed to remove the damaged youth shelter out of the village, pending a decision on whether it should be repaired or whether alternative facilities should be arranged for the village’s youth.

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I am Jasper Bouverie. I have two blogs: which is about promoting sustainability in the village of Wye in Kent (and beyond); and which I will fill with short films dedicated to promoting social and environmental awareness and change. Find me on Twitter: funderfilms and finelinej
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1 Response to PARISH HEADLINES – 5

  1. Dave Hayes. says:

    Is anyone actually concerned with what is best for the pupils that may attened the Free school if it proceeds? It appears that everyone is arguing over the site of the school being in the Edwardian buildings or not at all etc. A shamful debacle from a generation who should be setting an example to the young who after all are our future.

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