Unpleasant I know but one constraint on future development in this village may be the size of the primary school (see earlier posts). Another may be the size of the sewage works.

These works are just across the playing fields from where I live and they’re currently being upgraded – so it’s fairly easy to keep an eye (and nose?) on them.

Earlier this year I had an email exchange with someone from Southern Water who confirmed that, as part of the upgrade, they were being expanded. The current capacity is 500 cubic metres of effluent per day – and this is set to increase to a capacity of 770 cubic metres in 2013.

Given that there are about 1000 households in Wye (1065 in the whole parish in 2001), a 50 percent increase would be another 500 living units.

At the time of writing the letter, I had thought that there might be some conspiracy – that the sewage works were being expanded in order to accommodate large-scale new development.

Sewage 002This, however, is not the case. The works are being upgraded in order to improve environmental standards, and it is common practice to expand capacity at the same time.

So sewage doesn’t seem to put much of a lid on development in the area.

Just to make sure, I paid a visit earlier this week to find out whether, despite this increase in capacity, the pipework leading into the plant would nevertheless impose a restraint.

Steve, the public relations person at the works, said that the pipework was all large enough to accommodate the new capacity.

So.. barriers to new development. Primary School – 225. Sewage – 500.

I’ve started working on water.

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