primaryschoolI wish this was a joke. My answer would be something to do with elephants and minis? Or custard pies?

But no. The Future of Wye is a serious subject and the answer is a very precise 60 per year as the primary school is two form entry.

This afternoon Jo Rall at the school directed me to the school’s travel plan which shows where the children come from.

Pupil demographics for 2011 show 176, or 42%, coming from Wye or neighbouring villages, and 220, or about 54%, coming from Kennington, Willesborough and Ashford.

However the demographic is changing rapidly. The September 2012 intake saw 34 pupils (or 57%) coming from Wye or neighbouring villages, 17 (or 28%) coming from Kennington as siblings of existing pupils, and only 9 others (or 15%) coming from Kennington or Willesborough without a sibbling already at the school. (Siblings have priority.)

In 2012 therefore Wye Primary School could only have taken a further 9 pupils from the village.

In the future, when the sibling factor will have become less significant, the primary school might have about 20-25 extra places for village children.

This obviously has big implications for planning in the village because there seems to be a general consensus that we don’t want to build a new primary school.

And the fact that less primary school children will be coming from Kennington and Ashford should mean that the traffic generated by primary school drop-off and pick-up will ease in the next few years.

But how many family houses could be built to provide the extra 20-25 pupils? Well, apparently there’s a formula beloved by school and town planners…

I’ll try to find out within the next few days. And then I might reward myself with a custard pie.

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I am Jasper Bouverie. I have two blogs: which is about promoting sustainability in the village of Wye in Kent (and beyond); and which I will fill with short films dedicated to promoting social and environmental awareness and change. Find me on Twitter: funderfilms and finelinej
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