The thing about writing about the past is that I know what’s happened since… so I’m cheating. Sorry…

I put that bit in brackets in my last post (alarm?), knowing full well that the village did get alarmed by the scenarios – not so much about the wind turbines and the bathing pond, but by the quantity of houses that had been placed in one of the scenarios.

House building is currently the most contentious issue in this village – mainly because the main landowner (Imperial College) possesses an empty college building (left) and lots of farmland/ brownfield that it would like to build on. This has caused alarm in the past (right).

So… stopping the building of houses is the thing that most people are focused on. They are alarmed that Imperial College might have plans for a Wye Garden City.

I am interested in how many and what type of houses are built in Wye – but mainly in relation to what I think would provide for a sustainable community. How many can be accommodated before the primary school becomes too full? How many do local shops need in order to help them thrive? How many can the sewage works accommodate?

Such things were probably carefully worked out in Welwyn Garden City. Sewage overflows might be good for the garden part of the Garden City but not quite so good for the residents.

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I am Jasper Bouverie. I have two blogs: which is about promoting sustainability in the village of Wye in Kent (and beyond); and which I will fill with short films dedicated to promoting social and environmental awareness and change. Find me on Twitter: funderfilms and finelinej
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